23 Large Live Oak Trees have Now all Been Re-Planted 

Come out to Mustang Lakes to see the colossal trees that were dug up during the land development phase, preserved and stored on the northern area of the property. They have now been replanted along Waterview Drive, creating a very impressive effect! There are 23 Live Oaks ranging in size from 17-27 inches in diameter and some over 70,000 pounds. These trees were originally planted over 30 years ago to line the road to the old  Bob Folsom ranch house, which is now being refurbished to becomeClub Mustang, the Mustang Lakes community amenity center.There are also 34 very large mature Crepe Myrtles that were also saved and will soon line the Private Island at the Amenity Center!

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  4. Happy 5 years! That is awesome! I am new, new, new! around 7 months in, and I totally relate to what you say about the friends I have made out here. We share a lot of the same sensibilities – I am not checking stats or running to conferences – although I do tweet like a fool.Lovely to meet you! Congratulations!

  5. Hmmm there is so many, i dont know how anyone could pick just one. i have to say i love all tutus, theyre just so beautiful from whatever angle you look at them, art you could say. Just to name afew…. snow queen in the nutcracker,also from nutcracker the sugar plum fairy, and who could leave out, swan lake!

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  14. diet really doesn’t make much difference…but it helps to stay away from things that cause irritation (everyone is different..just trial and error). Good luck to your sister…hope and pray she does well with treatment. I know how difficult this disease can be and my heart goes out to her!God Bless!

  15. Mark & Kerri -We can’t wait to see the pics! You are a wonderful couple who are perfectly matched and totally meant to be together – Congrats. I am excited to see even more of Amber’s work from your special day.Amber – Always amazing, love your blog. You are sooooo busy this summer, I can’t believe you find time to do it all.-R. Jensen

  16. Oh, "there's an invisible mouse in the bag!" That's a good game. Huck likes it. Tommy the cat loved that game all his life — even when he was very old and tired, he'd perk up a little and have a look. Huck has his own version of "there's something behind the door." He puts a toy behind a door that is standing open against a wall, then lays down and reaches under to play with it from the other side.

  17. Oh my goodness! My kids bought me some spices from our new favorite restaurant (aka the Blue Nile) for Christmas & I am totally trying this tonight. My honey is stopping by Blue Nile to bring us a package of Injera to eat with it! Thank you – thank you – thank you! I’ll let you know how it goes!

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  24. Vicki, I just read your blog. Jane gave me the link when I asked about you and Guy and the kiddos and how you were doing. I am thrilled to read your entires; I have read many blogs and you are the queen. I enjoyed Guy’s entry as well. The photos are wonderful and your writing exquisite. I am so glad that you are all well and having such great adventures and writing about it. All blessings and traveling mercies.

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  52. Hi Lidy, thank you for your comment! What places did you go to while visiting here?I have a few more posts lined up for this trip, so do pop by later on, you might recognize some places you've been to x

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