The excitement is building – and so are the homes! Tour 8 models and 40 homes underway,then choose one for YOU and join residents who have already moved in! The Club at Mustang Lakes is opening next month – and it’s like a 12,000 sq. ft. country club in your own backyard! Plus Prosper Schools, award-winning builders and a beautiful location just 5 minutes north of Hwy. 380 make Mustang Lakes the most sought-after new home location!

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  44. This is great and absolutely on point. It’s so easy to get stressed out about who gets what and make sure that everyone gets something so they know you care, but that mentality forgets all of the other ways to show people you care. And I always feel more loved after an hour with a friend than after they’ve given me something. Thanks for the reminder Mel´s last [type] ..

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