Drees Homes welcomes you to explore Mustang Lakes and see how special this community truly is. Drees Homes, family-owned and operated for over 85 years is ranked the 28th largest home builder in the country. Drees Homes recently won Builder of the Year Award at the McSam Awards in Dallas! Come out and visit sales agent Diane Aguirre with Drees Homes Today! Drees Homes at Mustang Lakes:  From the Low $300’s and also From the Mid 500’s

190 thoughts on “Highlighted Builder for the Month of March is Drees Homes”

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  8. Descubrí esta página al ver un “me gusta” en facebook, el título de lo gustado me pareció interesante, era el catálogo de celosas, la mafiosa. Me reí mucho y terminé leyendo todo y sin estudiar! ahora es como una adicción, estoy muy pendiente de si abrá algo nuevo y entretenido que leer y mis amigas a quien les mostré la página están igual. Felicitaciones a todos, son bcns =)

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  10. Loved this post, thank you for sharing your bookmobile vision! I have the most wonderful memories of the bookmobile that came to my neighborhood when I was a child. They did storytime on the lawn. The smell of the books was… fabulous. I can literally close my eyes and smell it all over again 🙂 Good luck starting your own bookmobile! We’ve got food trucks, so why not book trucks 😉

  11. Roly Poly. My 5 year old daughter has an actual Roly Poly playground for them that I bought for her at her brother's science store. They are one of the 2 bugs she isn't afraid of (ladybugs). She's deathly afraid of Skeeter Eaters though. Now THAT'S a post I want to see in the Break Room. A Skeeter Eater post.

  12. Regarding the whole NCAA Violations matter, I truly think that the NCAA needs to either be more efficient – and thereby more of a martinet – or become more realistic in their evaluations. While I have absolutely no use for the likes of “Cal-the-Lip”, this current Bledsoe thingy is a waste of time, money, and newspaper ink … The NCAA ought to simply follow the olde adage of “Follow the Money” !!! No $$$, no violation … By $$$ I mean the disbursement of anything by anyone (school, booster, or supplier) to anyone associated with the kid !!!Seems pretty simple and realistic to me !!!

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  14. This is the episode where Simon proves he is a badass criminal mastermind. LOVE! And all your questions are totally justified, I too want to know more about the blue gloved men… "Unsure which way to escape, River utters the creepiest line of the series: 'It doesn’t matter. They’re here.'"I disagree. The line "Two by two, hands of blue." was WAAAAYYYY CREEPIER!

  15. This format didnt work!!!why were certain canidates(Barac Obama)able to go on for hours like that,the guy dosent say anything substantial!!!Hillary was attacked like usual from young, dumb youtubers!!she still managed to come out on top though!CNN is so biased!!!they SHOULD NOT be allowed to edit and pick and choose that sucks!!And other canidates barely got to speak!! i thought this format sucked!!

  16. Sep05HansK. Schön, doch stellt sich mir die Frage, warum Schüler nicht von selbst auf die Idee kommen, ein Theater zu betreten und sich ein Stück anzuschauen. Ist das Theater nicht mehr zeitgemäß?Freue mich auf Einschätzungen,HansK.

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  18. Just a correction. I didn’t mean to type vitamin D2. I meant vitamin D3. That is a very important distinction. The daughter who used to have “schizoaffective” not only needed extra vitamin D3 because of the polymorphism, but she also had low intestinal absorption of calcium and required a highly absorbable liquid form of it she got from the doctor’s office (although it is sold without a prescription).

  19. True Story: When Chik-Fil-A first popped up at the mall in Lafayette, my mom just assumed it was pronounced “Chik-Fil-Uh” and wondered why the owners had picked such a stupid name.I mean yeah, the name is still pretty stupid even if you pronounce it the way they intend for you too. I just can’t help calling it Chik-Fil-Uh now.

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  32. Hi! I have a four year, an only child who mostly hangs out with adults that play his way. We are also having the “he doesn’t” share talk from the teacher. I am hoping he will learn and yes, it is something we have to work on at home as well, but I think it will get better. Head up! You are doing great.Helena recently posted..

  33. I really do not know what to expect as I do not trade currencies but I would say in general that the dollar was down overall this past quarter almost 3% . . . specific to other countries will tell the impact to GM but a lot of International Companies reporting this quarter have had some pretty big hits.

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  36. +1 for teaching students music they’re familiar with and want to play. It seems so obvious – yet we all know people who gave up on music lessons because they were forced to start out with tunes that weren’t part of their schema. My $0.02, as an amateur musician myself.

  37. Sinceramente somos penosos, lo de este país es de traca, aquí el que no llora no mama y siempre lloran los que más tienen y los que tiene agarrada la sartén por el mango y se hacen millonarios con “canones” digitales y demás zarandajas… es increible, lo juro que es increible…que pena que seamos un país de borregos y siempre traguemos con todo y permitamos todo este tipo de tropelías.Si sirve de algo, mucho ánimo y a seguir como hasta ahora

  38. I hope you never stop! This is one of the best blogs Ive ever read. Youve got some mad skill here, man. I just hope that you dont lose your style because youre definitely one of the coolest bloggers out there. Please keep it up because the internet needs someone like you spreading the word.

  39. I guess you are right about the full circle. I don’t think I’ll ever agree with you on some of these issues, but I respect that you are approaching the entire topic of gay marriage with a contemplative attitude rather than a hostile one. And although I would never invite a gay friend to go to North Way with me, I think it’s nice that you did at the end of your post.

  40. skriver:EU röstade ner ACTA…Tidigare idag höll EU-parlamentet omröstningen gällande det hÃ¥rt kritiserade ACTA-avtalet. Med stor majoritet valde ledamöterna att rösta emot att införa avtalet. 478 röstade emot, 39 för och 165 ledamöter bemödade sig inte rösta över huvud taget. När …

  41. I had to kill off a much loved character in one novel. Not only did I cry when I wrote it, every single edit on that scene had me a teary-eyed mess. I’d be working away, reach that part of the story, and think, “Oh, no! It’s chapter 28!”I can’t do that sort of thing too much… I’d become an emotional basket case if I did. LOL

  42. ..Mara says it all again..good for you…BUT how is it even half a measure, when it is documented all over media that insurance companies are dropping ALL coverage for children in California and other states, to avoid Obamacare requirements of no cap and no prior condition limitations?!?THIS is far, far over the top. ENFORCE ANTI-TRUST LAWS NOW!!!Get rid of any candidate who WON’T…

  43. I’d call Evanescence “powerful” and “healing”. Most of they’re music does have a very powerful idea and point to it… from their suicidal tendencies to they’re romantic ballads… where they look for the good in situations. At first it is hard to tell because they come on to you as a Gothic-emo band, but as you dig deeper into the lyrics, you see that they truly are cheerful and optimistic.

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  46. Pen,Temple Grandin does not have Asperger’s. She’s autistic. This is like the difference between being shy at parties and J. D. Salinger. You cannot conflate the two. She didn’t even talk til she was three. Now I understand the let’s-drum-up sympathy for Asperger’s but they are not the same…

  47. Sigh. I am from the Rio Grande Valley, AKA Northern Tamaulipas. This does not even surprise me. I was pulled over by Barney there in '99. Officer dipshit took my CZ75, and racked the slide, whiteout dropping the mag, his finger on the trigger, while giving me a Lee Paige lecture. Shenanigans in Matamoros are Hogan's Heros meets Dragnet.

  48. Thanks for sharing another moving and heartwarming story and pictures!! We can’t honor these veterans enough along with the current men and women that keep our Country free and safe!! I agree with one of your followers, you REALLY should consider writing a book!! You have such a flair with words and getting the emotion out there for all of us to share!! Have a great Friday and a great weekend!! Always look forward to Monday to see where your adventures take you!! Thanks again for an “AWESOME” story!!

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  50. So, while it had suited the Gay Agenda proponents to portray the biblical “bromance” of David and Jonathan as gay– in fact, they’ve appropriated almost every legendary male friendship to bolster their numbers– we see now that maybe it isn’t teh gay after all?Is this the comeback of the hetero-male?

  51. Hei UUsano ja kiitos erittäin pitkäsät ja mielenkiintoisesta kommentistasi! En tiedä komentin maksimipituutta, mutta jos se ylittyy jatka seuraavalla, kyllä minä ne julkaisen! Tämähän oli siis lista mitä vähintään meillä on kaapissa, itse totuus on hyvin kattavampi ja tesktistäni puttuu ainesosia joita ilman en tulis toimeen…mitenkään. MUtta kuten jo saoin, toivon että aloittelevat kokit saavat täsät vähän vinkkiä mitä kannattaa olla kotona. Hyvää viikonloppua teille kaikille lukijoille!

  52. he saw blue angels hovering above us and waiting to impart us with power and gifts. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical, but then I saw something blue, like a cloud. As the speaker prayed I felt this love like a hurricane blow through me from my head to my feet. It felt like a filling a bucket with a firehose. It was an intense experience and one full of joy. I knew in an instant it was God. It was a crazy weird experience, but then also a really natural familar one. Great was to start the week.

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  54. Hi Stef,Thank you for this tip. I often (like, every day) get trapped into thinking, “Just ONE MORE TASK,” and next thing I know my stomach’s rumbling because I forgot go eat, or I’m cranky because I’ve been staring at the computer for five hours straight. Taking mental breaks really helps to re-focus, for sure!

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  56. Thank you , I enjoy reading about other vegetarians as it gives me the strength to continue. I have about a thousand vegetarian feeds in my google reader, but I’m sure another can’t hurt!! I did manage to find a good here, but I’ll be sure to try yours too. Thanks!

  57. This is so funny!! When I was in Catholic school, we went to church a few times a week as a class. Everytime the priest would walk by with that swinging insense ball, all of us would cough our lungs up. We would get in a lot of trouble for it too. The Sisters always thought that we were doing it on purpose, and I’m sure a few were, but for me – that stuff honestly made me cough and really bothered my throat. We weren’t even allowed to leave to get water (and we certainly weren’t allowed to bring it with us).If I end up with lung cancer, I’m suing.

  58. Great team workout! Did it with Doug E Fresh in 19:27 Rx.Worked deads before up to a heavy single of 365. 50# from previous 1 rep max, so looking forward to my “new diet” after the challenge consisting primarily of meat, starch, and dairy!!!!!Very much needed rest day tomorrow…see yall wild and crazy 615ers Monday.

  59. Feb26Glenn Isn’t it interesting that the Dixie Chicks are being chastized for their comments, but has anyone checked out the latest headlines on 60 Minutes “To many in America’s armed forces, these men and women are doing the unthinkable: Active-duty soldiers, sailors and Marines speaking out against the ongoing conflict in Iraq. They’ve signed on to what’s called “An Appeal for Redress” – and they say it’s time for U.S. troops to come home”. Even the troops agree. Amazing isn’t it…. Good for you Dixie Chicks. Rock on….

  60. BTW, I heard from a Gay in college – just before Hudson announced he was sick – that he'd been to a "Gay Party" at Rock's house.I thought it was a joke. Big Strong Rock Hudson, Doris Day's love interest, a fairy? 'Couldn't be. Gays acted like Charles Nelson Reilly or Liberace.My mom couldn't believe it either. But I guess "All in Family" was right.

  61. Ummm… who f****** cares if Derek looks like her ex!!! He’s not the same person as Trey, so it’s stupid to make it sound that way. Most people aren’t even giving worthy arguments. “I choose Lucas because he’s sooo damn hot, and it’s kinda creepy that Derek looks like her ex.”Are you kidding me??? That’s the best you people could say? I’m rooting for Derek. If you want to know why, look for my other posts. I hope the 5th book is the last. I just want this Derek vs. Lucas thing to end. It’s stupid.

  62. Bože můj, Jaromíre, co myslíš, že myslím?:-))já to myslel tak, že by se mohlo diskutovat i k tématům, které nejsou na samostantný článek – prostÄ› nÄ›co, co nÄ›koho ze zdejších “vÄ›rných” zaujme a chce o tom pokecat na trochu vyšší úrovni, než jsou novinky.cz apod.

  63. What a fun place to find inspiration! We have the best cupcake shop in New Orleans right around the corner from where I work and I always go in there and find the most beautifully decorated cupcakes with such fun color combinations! Those cookies are fun too, I think they would be great at a wedding in the shape of a bride and groom.

  64. October 28, 2012  11:09 PM by Don’t believe u have greys! I haven’t seen it here. I’ve purchased mine mostly in VT but in looking at their website I think they upgraded their packaging. I’m gonna find out and post it here. Stay tuned. It really works well! Your hair feels thick after u do it. 🙂

  65. Greetings from Idaho! I’m bored to tears at work so I decided to browse your site on my iphone during lunch break. I love the knowledge you provide here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home. I’m shocked at how fast your blog loaded on my phone .. I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G .. Anyhow, great site!

  66. Hi Kyojimaru, i have said once and many times that if other people would like to be linked to my site and offer alternate translations, i will not mind if their sites are linked and posted in my Links section. I will not hesitate to bring down such comments again if i see any. This is the final warning.

  67. I’m with Olive, I guess I’m old school, but it’s how I keep up with everyone, plus, it’s how I find new blogs from other people’s blogs. I guess I’m at a place where i really don’t care if I’m cool or “on trend”. give me easy.

  68. When I visited Vienna for the first time, I had visions of this film. In the summer, as you walk through the squares, you can get a whiff of the sewer from those funny old wooden display hoardings, or from old grates etc. And the ferris wheel totally did it. Although modern Vienna is much more colorful than after the war, it's surprising how often you get feelings of the dark, brooding city of the film.

  69. Passionnante conversation et 1er commentaire pour ma 2ème visite, c’est la 3ème intervention (cf. Gautier) qui me sied le plus : c’est souvent que je me refrène pour ne pas que mes titres soient encore plus long qu’ils ne le sont déjà et mon NetVibes regorge de blogs aux titres de notes sur plusieurs lignes…

  70. c0224“De même que le requin est une machine à tuer”Ce n’est pas une machine, c’est un animal… il tue pour se nourrir, et non pas pour se distraire, s’amuser ou je ne sais quoi, contrairement aux hommes, qui seuls , ressemblent le plus à “des machines à tuer”, et notamment des requins (par millions) juste pour récupérer leurs ailerons.Certaines comparaisons ne sont, en fait, pas très flatteuses pour les hommes, ces écocidaires!7b54a

  71. ROFL – tak for morgengrinet, det lettede efter den tunge løbetur pÃ¥ løbebÃ¥ndet. Det kan godt være vi skulle gøre alvor af dit forslag om ikke at spise fra nu af og til Jul – men mon vi dog kan holde det? Vi mÃ¥ hellere være hinandens moralske opbakning

  72. Its funny how sometime I read your blog and laugh and giggle! And times like today it brings tears to my eyes! I have been working hard on finding God in my mess! And thank you for accepting my family so openly, you have made us feel at home!

  73. I just got this last week and loaded it up yesterday. This tote is solid and very well made. The many storage loops keep your most-used tools in view and easy reach – no more “bottom fishing” when you need to find one of your tools. The fabric is heavy – more like canvas than nylon. Anyone who uses hand tools around the house or on the job would love this tote.

  74. karine dit :Se lever tôt, c’est être debout avant que la ville ne se réveille, avant que la campagne ne bouge, avec le sentiment d’assister à l’éveil tranquille de tout et de tous. Ces moments de solitude sont extrêmement productifs, et paisibles, avant que le reste de la famille ne se lève! Cette paix est aussi une bonne motivation …

  75. that Mussina confounded everybody with his decision. That’s probably true, unless you actually read anything about it before today: The beat writers were saying he would retire, the Yankees were saying he would retire, and even Moose was saying near the end of the year that he would probably retire. If this announcement confounds you, you’re lost. But such is the state of the afternoon show on WFAN, where facts shall not be allowed to stand in the way of the host.

  76. I never knew how emotional I would get over losing a pet until I did. For now I have an imaginary dog named Murray. He is an Irish Setter & he gets blamed when anyone in my house farts or breaks something. Someday he will be real.Nice to see you’re following rubberchickendinner. Tell Scooby to enter some slam poetry, would ya?

  77. And I think it is actually much easier to create a new system from scratch. For example, if Iraq had been occupied using 19th-century techniques, the top levels of management in the Iraqi government, military, etc, would have been held by Americans. This works brilliantly, but it’s politically incorrect.Corporations are born, grow and die all the time. It is governments that senesce and are not renewed.

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  80. i do exactly the same thing! walking/wandering clears my mind i like how your photos didn't bring attention to the people out and about. at first i was like wow it's so empty but then had a closer look and realised there's actually someone sitting in the chair!happy 21st birthday by the way!

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  82. “Right now at fifteen, I’m not overtly concerned about how much I’ll be making, I know what I’m interested in and where I’m thinking about directing my life”. In my experience it’s important to concentrate on what you’re really interested in, and the job will find you. Eventually.

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  84. that with increased sexual freedom comes more totalitarianism in all other areas of life. ”It would be the greatest mistake, certainly, to think that concessions mean peace. Nothing of the kind. Concessions are nothing but a new form of war.” – V.I. LeninScrew Atlas Shrugged… it’s time for Atlas Shunned.We’ve got to stop showing up to the gunfight with a plastic spork!

  85. SAS – too hard is a relative term. Someone here already explained why the term “killer” may not apply to every homebuyer (less applicable to the one who bought 30 yrs ago vs. 3 yrs ago) but the point is very simple – the home sale being discussed (i.e., comp) CANNOT be used to support recent (last 4-5 years) prices. We can agree to disagree – that’s why Grim doesn’t stop woody or davey from posting here. But if someone is going to call Grim disingeneous – that’s uncalled for, don’t ya think?

  86. I agree. The combination of Corrie’s and other deaths around March-April 2003 – which was the same time as the beginning of our loathsome Iraq War – was intentional. I only came to realize that during this civil suit. Thank you, Craig and Cindy, for having the courage to go through with this the ways you have. Hopefully, the truth indelibly embedded in the testimony of this trial will get out.

  87. I guess I must be misunderstanding something (Newbie) but it seems to me that the ROM data that NdsCRC downloads is wrong somehow.For instance Fritz Chess is number 4071, but NdsCRC thinks that 4071 is “Solitaire Mahjong” and the .png files show that one instead, What am I doing wrong?

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  93. Ale abych vás uklidnil – já si nedÄ›lám žádný nárok říkat o vás, jestli jste nebo nejste kÅ™esÅ¥anem. Řekl bych že jím jste. ExtrémnÄ› liberálním…Řekl bych ale, že JINÍ by vás za kÅ™esÅ¥ana nepovažovali, a totiž – velká část “pravovÄ›rných” kÅ™esÅ¥anů Například pan Stodola, nebo Bohumil diskutující na jeho webu. Můžeme se jich ostatnÄ› zeptat

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  95. 2 things:1. Amazing how the Slim Times is blurting out Obanomics as gospel with a straight face. They now have become the veritable Pravda of old. 2. “Nothing is selling in Santa Monica, where homeowners continue to believe that they just plain deserve seven figures for their four room shacks. “Ha ha, is that not also the problem with the capital market. Speculators who leveraged 100x and DEMAND that the governments of the world bail them out. If I understand Denninger correctly, this attitude more than anything lese is tying up the capital markets right now.

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  97. Hi! So I'm not a 'big' named blogger but we do seem to live close by (hello Memphis Bloggers going to BlogHer!) 🙂 Anyhow, just wanted to drop a note…thought you were pretty funny and yes, I can imagine you will be the next big thing since sliced bread, but only if I don't find the perfect pair of heels to snag brad pitt away from angelina and bring him with me to the conference! *wink*Hopefully I'll get to meet you there!! :)~K

  98. HanneJeg tror du er inne på noe vesentlig, det er kanskje en villet utvikling, både politisk og fra vår egen side?Jeg ser jo at samfunnet er anderledes, med andre krav og ikke minst med andre forventninger. Både til det rent materielle og på andre måter. Om det er til det bedre eller verre, vet jeg ikke.Jeg tror at alt har blitt for kavete og for materielt fokusert, til at vi kan virkelig kjenne på livet, de fleste av oss.Ha en fin kveld mormor recently posted..

  99. Totally spot on. I have been pulling my hair out with some ‘fans’ of ours of late. People claiming Fergie past it because we lost out on goal difference last year! We lost to a very good side, while somehow managing to deal with 10x the injuries that team dealt with. This season is no different. Still missing our club captain, one of 3 defenders. Yet we do sit top of the league. It’s a good thing to be there, but if we don’t continue to take 3 points each game, being top of the league in November will mean nothing.

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