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December 14, 2022

How to get your Child involved in Youth Athletics in Celina, TX

Celina is known to be a great place to raise a family. One way new families integrate with the Celina community is by getting involved in youth athletics, either offered by the city or schools. If you’re interested in enrolling your child in youth athletics through the Celina Parks and Recreation Department, this post is for you. 

Check the community youth league’s website

Celina Parks and Recreation have created a website for the youth athletic leagues in Celina. Check the website to find something that matches your child’s interests and age group. Currently, the site features league info for 7-on-7 football (a smaller format youth league football), flag football, baseball, soccer, and basketball. Pee Wee Cheer squad is also available, so there’s something for all age groups.

Find the right league and age group

Browse through the site to find the right age groups and divisions. Generally, divisions are broken up by school grade, so it’s easy to find the right age bracket. 

Check for registration opening dates and add them to your calendar

Celina Parks and Recreation do a great job of offering different leagues throughout the year, so make a note of when registration is open. If you cannot register for a youth league, registration is closed. Registration is done on the website – no need to bring paperwork to the city departments!

Sign the Waiver and Conduct Forms

Celina Parks and Recreation’s Youth Programs aim to make a safe, friendly place for youth and family members to enjoy. Please fill out the appropriate safety waivers and conduct forms that help create a suitable environment for kids to learn and grow. 

Planning for weekly games and practices

When getting your child ready for youth athletics. Make sure you allocate time during the week for practice. Typically youth athletics involve a game day on the weekend and a weekday practice session while the league is active. 

Going Above and Beyond in Youth Athletics in Celina

The City of Celina is committed to making a beautiful place for your family to grow and learn. That was only possible with the community volunteers, coaches and parents. There are a few additional ways to get involved with youth athletics in our lovely community.

Volunteer as a coach or coach’s assistant

This is a huge responsibility. But if you have the time and the expertise, volunteering as a coach or a coach’s assistant is a great way to contribute to the awesome Celina Youth Athletics Community. 

Celina Parks and Recreation do a great job celebrating those individuals who sacrifice their time to make a difference in kids’ lives. Each year, a Coach of the Year is nominated in the community for each league. We thank each and every one of the volunteers who are celebrated on the Celina Sports Athletic’s “Coach of the Year” page.

Become the Celina Athletic’s Parent of the Year

Celina Parks and Recreation also nominate one Parent per season who emphasizes care, safety, and sportsmanship with their own children and everyone involved! The “Parent of the Year” treats all youth athletes as if they were their own, and past winners can be found in the Celina Youth Sports volunteer section

Thank you to all the great parents and coaches who make this possible! Your efforts make Celina a great place to learn about sportsmanship and raise a family. 

Celina, TX, is a great place to set roots and join the community

At MustangLakes, we love sharing all the great reasons to move to Celina. Youth athletics are just one way to make your move to Celina feel like “coming home” and to get closer to this incredible community.

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